Dagar the Desert Hawk

A talented combatant, Dagar (aka Bart Benson) previously served in WW2 as a member of a special task force within the French Foreign Legion known only as the “Desert Hawks.” After a mysterious incident which took place during the war, Dagar becomes disillusioned with war and becomes intent on finding inner-peace by embracing Islam, immersing himself into Arabian culture, living by his wits within the deserts and going wherever adventure leads him.

Being the young man that he is, and having come from wealthy stock, Dagar can be brash, stubborn and may even have arrogance in his own abilities. It is these traits that not only put him at odds with his enemies but also his allies. Despite these shortcomings, Dagar is a decent man who maintains a strict code of honor (an amalgamation of everything positive he has learned from Islamic culture and his western upbringing) which prohibits killing of any kind, he is nonetheless not above fighting if the cause is right.

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